Garbage working on a new album: "Searching for life and humanity"

Garbage working on a new album: “Searching for life and humanity”

On the sidelines of a recent interview with the NME, Garbage made it known that they are currently working on a new albumthe ideal successor to “No gods no masters” of 2021 (here is our review).

“I'm really happy with theexcellent reception received by 'No gods no masters'because we didn't have any expectations,” explained frontwoman Shirley Manson, who said about the group's upcoming projects:

“As we venture into this next record, I sense a change. I'm trying to tone down my indignation. As a society, we're so dejected and heartbroken. I'm trying to reach for something that's a little bigger than me, because if I don't I do, I will drown in my own dismay.”

When asked where that came from feeling of dismayManson narrated that she had to undergo one hip operation after falling off the stage in 2016, which she says caused her “an excruciating pain“. He added I also lost my dog, which doesn't sound like much, but it literally ruined my life. Losing her affected everything. Having a non-functioning body, losing the joy of my life: it was a real challenge trying to get back up and don't be destructive with my depression and anger.

These are aspects that always need to be tempered.” And again: “I managed to face that struggle and come into contact with the world, which is demonic. Everything I see on my social feeds seems demonic. We all fight it daily and this is poisoning everything. .We must all fight to not let our hearts turn to ice”.

Talking more then specifically what Garbage's next album will bedescribing it as “a lighthouse“, Shirley Manson said: “After burning the earth, we are coming out of a dirty cave with a lighthouse. We seek fragments of life and humanity”.

When she was then asked when fans can expect to hear new music from the bandManson assured:

“We're in the studio, actually. It should be finished by the end of May and we are on target. Is fantastic; we are the little engine that can do it, but that no one ever thought would do it. Nobody has ever bet on us. In a way, we are the classic losers. Our public success goes back a long, long time, and we've been working from a disadvantage ever since. It feels like we've really earned our place on the team, which brings with it a way of enjoying myself that I didn't have when I was younger.”

Fresh from the publication last April of the reissue of their fourth studio album of 2005, “Bleed like me”, next summer Garbage will be engaged in a new tour in Europe and the United Kingdom which will start on 26 June 2024 with a concert scheduled at Circolo Magnolia in Milan.