Foo Fighters perform the unreleased "Unconditional" live

Foo Fighters perform the unreleased “Unconditional” live

Last night at Emirates Old Trafford in Manchester, Great Britain, i Foo Fighters have begun the concerts of their European summer which unfortunately does not include Italian dates. The band of Dave Grohl gifted the audience with the live debut of a song titled “Unconditional”.

Foo Fighters
they offered a 24 song set featuring at least one song from every album except
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) in 2014. In addition to the world premiere of
a slowed down version of should be noted
“My Hero”
and, for the first time,
Dave Grohl
he proposed an acoustic by himself
“Under You”
. Closing
it was started twice due to Grohl's guitar problems.

Although, technically,
it's a new song, it's not really like that. A spokesperson for the
Foo Fighters
he explained to Consequence that the song was “partially written and demoed a year ago during home studio sessions, but it wasn't finished. The band's rediscovery of 'Unconditional' occurred in pure Foo Fighters style: the song came up in conversation during rehearsals for the UK tour, and all it took was one rehearsal. The decision was made immediately to share it with everyone the same way: live.”


01. “Monkey Wrench”

02. “Learn to Fly”

03. “No Son of Mine”

04. “Rescued”

05. “The Pretender”

06. “Times Like These”

07. “Generator”

08. “Stacked Actors”

09. “Medicine at Midnight”

10. “Walk”

11. “Statues”

12. “Under You” (Dave acoustic only)

13. “My Hero”

14. “This Is a Call”

15. “The Sky Is a Neighborhood”

16. “Arlandria”

17. “These Days”

18. “”Sabotage””Blitzkrieg Bop””Whip It””March of the Pigs””I've Got a Tiger by the Tail”

19. “All My Life”

20. “Unconditional”

21. “Aurora” (Dedicated to Taylor Hawkins)

22. “Best of You”


23. “The Teacher”

24. “Everlong”