Elton John peed in a bottle in a shop

Elton John peed in a bottle in a shop

The American website TMZ reported an unusual adventure that had as its protagonist Elton John at the Sugarkikz sports shoe store in Nice, France.

The elderly British rock star had entered the store with his children and a bodyguard, when he felt the urgent need to go to the bathroom. When he asked where the toilets were, he was told that the store did not have a public toilet for customers. The 77-year-old British musician then asked for an empty plastic bottle and urinated in it.

Sugarkikz owner Ryan Sukkar explained to TMZ that Elton Johnafter learning that there was no bathroom, “turned to his security and asked for a bottle, walked a few steps away from the other shoppers and began peeing in the container.”

According to Sukkar, “he peed a little on the floor and asked for a towel to clean it up,” and the store manager was “shocked and amazed” by his behavior.

Ryan Sukkar said he had “no idea” who the person was and when asked what he did for a living, the rock star simply replied, “I’m Elton John.” Elton ended up buying two pairs of shoes for his kids and posed for photos in the store.

In 2023,
Elton John
has wrapped up his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour and retreated to his home in France but, despite declaring he will never tour again, he explained that this does not mean he will no longer perform live.

Elton’s husband,
David Furnish
He reiterated this sentiment, telling Billboard: “It’s really important to make a distinction between Elton retiring from touring and Elton never touring again. I know for a fact that he’s never touring again. We might see him at a special event or a small residency at a venue for a limited time.”