Co'Sang: returning to the stage after twelve years

Co'Sang: returning to the stage after twelve years

12 years since their paths separated the Co'Sang they decided to return to the scene.

They will do it September 17th in Naples when they go on stage Plebiscito Square for a live show that will take place in a symbolic place of their city.

The announcement came with a “short” on Instagram, in which Luchè and Ntò, the Marianella duo, tell the story of what used to happen in “Int'o Rione” and what happens today, with the unique way of representing reality that has always distinguished them.

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Luchè and Ntò, always linked to their roots, they were the first Neapolitan rappers to cross the borders of Naples to arrive to all of Italy even overcoming the dialect “barrier” even before Geolier. Without ever distorting their nature, they have conquered an increasingly wider audience, which has been waiting for their return for more than 10 years.

Pre-sales will be available online from Friday 3 May at 2.00 pm and in authorized sales networks from Wednesday 8 May at 2.00 pm. THE