Concerts, summer 2024: the Summer Festival Zone returns to Rockol

Concerts, summer 2024: the Summer Festival Zone returns to Rockol

Summer is back, the concert season is back but above all the festivals are back, filling every corner of Italy with music.

As has been the case for a few years now, starting from June and throughout the summer you will find an area on Rockol – the Summer Festival Zone – in which you can search, divided by period or geographical area, for the most important musical events. You will find a sheet with the most significant information about each event, and other useful details such as links and contacts of the organizers.

If you organize or promote a festival, and want to include it in this areawrite to us at [email protected], sending us a detailed press release and the information below.

These are the data necessary to insert an event in Rockol’s “Summer Festival Zone”:

First name of the festival *

Type reference music
Duration (from to) *

Logo (in jpg format) *

City and location of the festival (city and exact location of the concerts>> street, square, venue, etc.) *

Website, email and telephone for information to the public (at least one sitesocial pages are also fine…) *

Prices and timesif available
Description of the festival (a short press release summarizing its spirit and content) *

Artistic cast divided by date *

(the asterisk indicates the Required Information to be able to create the ‘festival card’, it is obviously preferable that they are all there)

All lyrics must be sent in Word format or any other editable format: for purely technical reasons shared documents will not be taken into consideration on cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive and similar, compressed folders and PDFs. Please do not send flyers or images that are not the official logo of the promoted event.