Bruno Mars would have "50 million gambling debts"

Bruno Mars would have “50 million gambling debts”

Bruno Mars is alleged to have contracted “gambling debts of $50 million” with the MGM Resort in Las Vegas, one of the largest hotels in the US.

The bomb was dropped by the US television station NewsMedia, reporting the indiscretions of an anonymous source close to the singer-songwriter. The debts would have been incurred by Mars – the conditional is a must – in over nine years of collaboration with the resort, for which in 2016 he signed a partnership which saw him protagonist of a series of residencies in the hotel's theatre. All shows with which, according to rumors, the singer would earn money to pay off debts: “MGM basically owns him. And everything he earns he uses to pay off debts”, reported NewsMedia. .Bruno Mars, who has sold over 230 million copies of albums and singles worldwide and won 9 Grammy Awards, has not commented on the rumors. Recordally stuck with the 2016 album “24K magic”, Mars will return to perform at the resort from June 7th, for twelve evenings. Just in 2016, in an interview on Jimmy Corden's “Late Late Show”, the singer-songwriter confessed to having supported himself by playing poker when he had just moved to Los Angeles at 19, in search of fortune.