Bruce Springsteen also appears on Joe Ely's new album

Bruce Springsteen also appears on Joe Ely's new album

The country singer-songwriter Joe Eli announced the album's release “Driven to Drive” for August 2nd. The single anticipates its release “Odds of the Blues” in which he participates Bruce Springsteen. It is not the first time that Ely avails himself of the collaboration of Springsteen, already in 1995 he recruited him in two songs of “Letter to Laredo”, “All Just to Get to You” And “I'm a Thousand Miles From Home”.

Speaking about the song in a press release,
Joe Eli
stated, “The idea for the song came to me from hanging out at a nightclub on the edge of East Lubbock called TV's…. There was always a dice game in the back room; the pool table had a bad slant; and the jukebox played mostly old blues songs. I wrote the song later when I set up my studio in Austin. I recently asked Bruce if he would like to sing with me on this song and he said he would like it long lost. One of my memories of singing together was in Dublin, Ireland, when we both got on stage with Jerry Lee Lewis and Shane MacGowan and sang 'Great Balls of Fire'.”

Joe Eli
he self-produced “Driven to Drive”. The new release follows Ely's 2022 collection

“Flatland Lullaby”
and the 2020 album
“Love in the Midst of Mayhem”
Bruce Springsteen
is expected soon in concert in Italy for the two performances at the Meazza Stadium in Milan on 1 and 3 June.


01 Drivin' Man

02 Odds of the Blues (ft. Bruce Springsteen)

03 For Your Love

04 Watchin' Them Semi Roll

05 Didn't We Robbie

06 Nashville Is a Catfish

07 Ride Motorcycle

08 San Antonio Brawl

09 Slave to the Western Wind

10 Gulf Coast Blues

11 Driven to Drive

12 Jackhammer Rock