That time Bruce Dickinson insulted the audience in Athens

Bruce Dickinson growls at the audience: “I can't breathe!”

Bruce Dickinson scolded fans for smoking during his concert – in support of new solo album “TheMandrake Project” (read the review here) – last April 27th at the Opera Hall in Brasilia, Brazil. The 65-year-old frontman of Iron Maiden he got annoyed with the smokers in the audience when, according to him, the air in the room became unbreathable.

As Blabbermouth reports, the English rocker warned the audience: “I can't fucking breathe.

Tanya (O'Callaghan, Dickinson's bassist, ed.) can't breathe.” Then, turning to someone in the audience, he growled, “You, over there, with that damn vaporizer. Yes, it's not your fault, but please just fucking get it out, okay? If you can't go five minutes without having a fucking addiction.”

Bruce Dickinson he continued his appeal to the audience by saying, “I apologize for the cough. Some of you assholes smoke. I can't sing if you smoke. She's coughing her ass off, I'm coughing. My fucking wife back there says ' Blargh.'

After the concert, the organizer of the live explained to the Brazilian press that the cause of the accident was the accidental explosion of a fan's vape pen. To clear the field of any inference, it was also declared that no pepper spray had been used inside the room, as Dickinson had hypothesized from the stage.