Are European fans or American fans better?  Slipknot speak

Are European fans or American fans better? Slipknot speak

The percussionist of the Slipknot Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan during an interview with Metal Hammer he had his say in the debate whether British or American metal fans are hotter. From his point of view, Crahan said he was enthusiastic about the concerts that the American band has always held in Europe, remembering in particular their show at the Astoria in London in 1999.

These are his enthusiastic words: “I had waited all my life to come to Europe and rock’n’roll took me there.

I remember the beginning of the concert. Go to Europe and everyone is in it to win! They really pay attention to the art there. It’s a little ahead of America! Ha ha!”.

‘Clown’ also mentioned the concert of Slipknot at the Download Festival in England in 2009. “There could have been 10,000 or 85,000 people. I just know that there were a lot of them! I only remember that by the fourth song Clown was having fun and I remember that he was having fun throughout the show, and that’s important. It was definitely a milestone. The UK created Slipknot. The UK understands this.”

Shawn Crahan
he is not the only one to have understood the importance of the impact of European fans on the career of
. In a 2020 interview with Kerrang! Radio is also the frontman of the group
Corey Taylor
claimed that British fans played a significant role in the band’s success by calling Britain a second home. “I say it every night from the stage, this country was truly one of the first places to understand us and believe in us. Really, it helped us get off the ground and we’ve never forgotten it. The UK truly is a second home. Absolutely!”.