Josh Freese reveals how Dave Grohl recruited him for the Foo Fighters

A drummer will play every Foo Fighters song for charity

A drummer named Greg Barton for charity he will undertake a truly challenging test. In fact, he promised to play all the songs one after the other Foo Fighters. Barton will play the 128 songs, the band's complete oeuvre Dave Grohl, next June 7 in honor of his grandmother, who suffered from cancer. With his performance the musician also intends to pay homage to the late drummer of Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkinswho tragically passed away in March 2022.

Greg Barton plans to play for nine and a half hours straight without stopping.

To prepare for the test he trained for months, isolating every trace of the drums.Foo Fighters aided in the task by artificial intelligence. He said: “Before you say, 'It's impossible,' I played for six hours last month and I'm confident I can go the distance!”

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The event will be broadcast live and all proceeds will be donated to
Cancer Research Institute
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